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15 December 2023

Call-in to Minister reinforces consent process 

Hamilton-based company, Global Contracting Solutions (GCS), says it acknowledges a Waikato Regional Council request to Government to “call in” its resource consent application for a proposed energy from waste plant (EfW) plant in Te Awamutu. 


The request to the Minister for the Environment would enable greenhouse gas emissions to be considered as part of the resource consent application, in addition to the standard air and water discharge considerations, and construction and operations.  


“We have deep respect for the resource consent process and relevant environment considerations, as well as the local Te Awamutu community,” says GCS National Business Manager, Roger Wilson. 


“The proposed plant would make innovative use of existing, proven technology.  However, we appreciate many New Zealanders will not be familiar with its benefits, nor the positive environmental impact it will have, especially compared to traditional waste processes like landfill and thermal electricity generation in Aotearoa New Zealand. 


“We are disappointed this process may limit opportunities for iwi and community voices to be fully heard. In our correspondence with Waikato Regional Council, we highlighted a public hearing process also provided an opportunity for mediation following the decision, which we believe is an important part of the process,” says Mr Wilson. 


“We are committed to ensuring the plant makes a positive environmental contribution and we are equally committed to ensuring the local community, wider stakeholders, regulators and central government have the facts about the proposed plant and its processes. 


“We have previously expressed our confidence in the relevant councils to manage this process carefully and professionally, and this latest development is a further reflection of that.” 

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